"quality externally threaded jewelry"



the funniest thing on my dash all night

So you’re “Not trying to turn this into a cat fight”?
Being bitchy certainly doesn’t help!
I’ve invested tremendous amounts of time into researching our jewelry .

Clearly you haven’t if you still believe externally threaded jewelry is high quality in any way shape or form.


Anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel like quality jewelry is too expensive? I'm a college student and barely make enough to pay for my books, I don't know how I'm ever expected to afford a piercing with those prices.

dansteinbacher answered:

No I don’t feel that it’s too expensive. If anything it’s pretty affordable to have a hand polished piece of jewelry with a lifetime warranty. 

In regards to the entirety of the pricing, you’re also paying for a service. That payment is both feeding a piercer and the business that employs them, to keep food on their table and also profit towards a small business.

You don’t need that piercing, you want that piercing. I want a lot of things, I also work hard to make money to pay for the things I want. If college is your top priority, then do college for now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want extra money to pay for things, get a second job, maybe tutor an underclassman, sell some things you don’t use anymore.

I mean absolutely no offense saying this. But as a piecer, I care about doing my job right, not what your income situation is. That means properly executing a piercing and using quality jewelry that is properly suited for your body.




I was getting ready to upload a new VCH with a BVLA Miro Modena (photo 1) and I thought it would be fun to look back over the last year of photos and see how many “BVLA ladies” I could find.  Tumblr limits posts to 10 photos so I guess that’s where we’ll stop :)

If you were EVER going to treat yourself to a REALLY special piece of jewelry, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

All piercings by Leo Ziebol. All fancy tops by BVLA. All ti curves by Anatometal